William Morris


William Morris was born in Carmel, California in 1957 with an almost instant passion for nature. From early childhood he became fascinated with the Native American Burial Grounds around his home in California and has been captivated by archaeology, animals and art ever since.

He was educated at California State University in Chico, California as well as Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington where he trained in ceramics.

In 1978, Morris arrived at the Pilchuck Glass School and found work initially as a driver. Later, he began to work with Dale Chihuly, the founder of the school, and eventually became his chief gaffer in the 1980s. Morris remained with Chihuly for about 10 years before deciding to form his own studio and develop his own artistic style of glass blowing.

Morris has developed a series of individual techniques which allow him to give his glass pieces the appearance of bone, ceramic, wood, stone and even leather. Each piece starts out as molten, blown glass, although one may assume his work is cast or molded. He works alongside his glass team and develops his work with their collaboration.

Today, William Morris is considered to be one of the most prominent artists of his generation, receiving worldwide recognition for his powerful sculptures and installations. Litvak Gallery is proud to present selected works of William Morris.